VÆGGEN (The Wall) is an interactive multitouch installation allowing users to navigate in space and time in a three-dimensional cityskape of Copenhagen. The cityscape is bulit of a large collection of images and film provided by The Museum of Copenhagen. VÆGGEN is developed in close collaboration with New Zealand based production company Gibson Group.

AD: Jakob Thorbek, Lotte Kryger Broe
Design: Jakob Thorbek, Lotte Kryger Broe, Mathilde Manz, Kajsa Isenberg, Gibson Group
Additionel designers: Isabel Seiffert, Pia Refshauge, Mikkel F. Poulsen, Diana Lorentzen, Maria Larsen
Project manager: Peter Thorn
Software, installation etc.: Gibson Group
Producer: Allan Smith – Gibson Group

Københavns Museum